2016 Windhoek Light Namib Quest - Update No.3

Dear Quest Riders,

Looking forward to greeting old and new faces on Sunday! It would appear that we will have a dry Quest this year, up till now we have been dealt the odd downpour during past events. At this stage rain is not predicted. Do take note to pack some warm items for the evenings, it can get rather chilly, specially early morning!

Route download: We will as a separate mail send you the GPX files of the route. You can download this to most Garmin applications such as Garmap / Basecamp as well as other similar applications. Once downloaded you can sync your GPS with the application and download the route onto your GPS device. Not to worry if you having problems with this, we will be able to assist you at registration.

N.B..it is highly advised that at least one of your team members has a GPS, in order to verify you being on the correct path, ever so often. Route will be clearly marked, however it can happen, in the pain of the moment, that you miss a vital marker, resulting in you going on to explore more of Namibia than you intended!!

Bike support: Trust you have all taken the time to approach Mannies Bike Mecca to discuss your bike packages.

Registration: Please note that registration will start a little bit later on Saturday i.e. REGISTRATION STARTS AT 14:30 on Saturday till 16:30, at which stage we will do the welcome and event briefing.

Start: Sunday morning, 7:00am “sign on” with start scheduled for 8am, please be punctual for this, we need each rider to announce themselves in order that we may verify that you you have pitched up for the start! Late comers will delay start of event.

First section of the route on the western By Pass will be a controlled section i.e. no racing & staying in a group, once the turn off to the Kupferberg pass is reached, then it’s your own pace.

Airport Shuttle: The following people have booked for the shuttle:

Friday 27th:

Geoff Palister
Klaus Papendiek

Saturday 28th:

Thys Nesser
Gavin & Rose Mackintosh
Axel poser

Booking for shuttle will close tomorrow.

Should you be looking for a reliable airport shuttle then the following email address can be used to book: diamond@danmar.com.na

Daily food Menu: To follow please find the daily menu's:

Monday: scrambled eggs with cheddar and bacon/oats/milk/tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bread/ jam/honey/fruit juicr/ fruit compote/ sugar/canderel/ rusks/ banana/Apple

Tuesday: quiche with spinach, egg, bacon and cheddar/ oats/milk/tea/coffee/hot chocolate/ bread/butter/ jams/honey/ fruit juice/fruit compote/sugar/canderel/ oat biscuit/ banana/Apple

Wednesday: scrambled eggs with bacon and cheddar/oats/ milk/tea/coffee/hot chocolate/ fruit juice/bread/butter/jams/honey/ fruit compote/ sugar/canderel/ rusks/ apple/Orange

Thursday: frittata with potato, cheddar and bacon/oats/milk/coffee/tea/hot chocolate/ fruit juice/ sugar/canderel/ bread/ butter/ jams/honey/ fruit compote/ oat biscuit/ apple/Orange

Water tables (2 per day):

Table 1: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled potatoes, banana/ mini sandwich with Marmite
Table 2: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled eggs, mini sandwich peanut butter

Table 1: mixed nuts,dry fruits, boiled potatoes, banana, mini sandwich peanut butter
Table 2: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled eggs, mini sandwich smoked chicken

Table 1: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled potatoes, mini sandwich marmite
Table 2: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled eggs, mini sandwich ham

Table 1: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled potatoes, mini sandwich peanut butter
Table 2: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled eggs, mini sandwich smoked chicken

Table 1: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled potatoes, mini sandwich marmite
Table 2: mixed nuts, dry fruits, boiled egg, mini sandwich ham


Sunday: Rice salad, tuna, egg, corn, peppadew, tomato, cucumber
Monday: Pasta salad, tomato, olive, basil, mixed pepper, cucumber, feta, almond and grilled chicken
Tuesday: Taboule (couscous), tomato, cucumber, fresh herbs, raisins, cashew nuts, mixed pepper, grilled chicken
Wednesday: Pasta salad, roasted butternut, peppadew, broccoli,cooked ham, corn, tomato, almond


Sunday: bread and butter
Soup: pumpkin, onion, bacon and toasted almond
Main course: chicken breast, tomato salsa, guacamole, basmati rice
Garnishes: vegetable stir fry, gemsquash
Dry biscuit/cookies

Monday: bread and butter
Soup: sweet corn and smoked chicken soup
Main course: game sirloin, caramelized onion sauce, mash potato
Garnishes: ratatouille, cauliflower and brocolis
Dry biscuits/cookies

Tuesday: bread and butter
Soup: butternut soup, yogurt dressing
Main course: chicken pasta with chicken, tonato, basil, baby marrow, mixed pepper, peppadew
Garnishes: roasted beetroot, sweet potatoes
Dry biscuits/cookies

bread and butter
Soup: potato, leeks and Apple soup, toasted cashew nuts
Main course: beef sirloin, mushroom sauce, fried rice with vegetables
Garnishes: roasted butternut, braised carrot with orange
Dry biscuits/cookies

Thursday menu: Dont be alarmed that there is no items for Thursday lunch and dinner, this will be provided for, however we use a local service provider in the Oasis in which the village is situated. Lunch menu will be communicated during event, diner will be a Sheep Spit braai....only 60odd Km's the following day, so a time to enjoy the last evening!!

Physio: Last minute update from the massage ladies...If you have any special strapping then this needs to be brought with. Limited amount of strapping will be available, for which there will be a charge.

Daily strapping will be done by the physio's between 6-6:30 each morning.

Race Village 2 Excursions: To follow please find some scenic tours offered by the local farmers, this will need to be booked directly with them on the following email address - harmonie@iway.na

Scenic Trips on Harmonie and Bergkrans

The farm Harmonie is situated in the Khomas Hochland Mountains with beautiful scenery and surroundings.
On the scenic route different game species like Kudu, Zebra, Klipspringer and Oryx can be seen.
More than 80 bird species can be seen, including the rare White-tailed Shrike.
Come and experience this with us.

23 May:
Scenic Drive on farm Harmonie
2 Depart times: 11h00 and 13h30
Minimum 3 people, maximum 6
Cost: N$400 per person
Included: 2 Soft drinks/water per person
Duration: 2 hours
Remember sunblock, hat and camera

23 May:
Sundowner drive
Depart: 16h30
Minimum 3 people, maximum 6
Cost: N$400
Included: 2 drinks and snacks
Duration 1.5 hours
Remember warm clothing

24 May:
Supporter's Drive to Bergkrans
Come and support the cyclists halfway through their stage. On your way experience
Khomas Hochland's beauty and game like zebra, oryx, kudu and klipspringer.
Depart: 1 hour before the cyclists
Minimum 3 people
Cost: N$450.00
Included: Coffee/tea, light breakfast/ water
Duration: 3 hours, depending on the time for the cyclists to pass
Remember warm clothing, hat, sunblock, camera

Good luck for your last preparations and should you be traveling, please do so safely!!

Regards from the AEP TEAM


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