2016 Windhoek Light Namib Quest - Event Update No.2

16 Days to GO to the start of your Namib Quest adventure!!

This year will see around 60 riders taking on the challenges that the "Quest" will throw at you. Many different wilderness scenes and experiences lie ahead of you.

Entries are kept small in this event which provides our participants lots of opportunity to network around the camp fires and form new lasting friendships, typical when quality riding time is spent in remote unspoiled wilderness areas, away from the everyday hassle.

Please take note of the following information:

Event end point: This year the challenge will end again on the grassy knoll next to the aquarium, right next to the beach in Swakopmund. A small change to the last few Km's has been done this year, to avoid the riders having to navigate through Swakopmunds main roads. On entering Swakop the route will keep to the southern side of the town avoiding busy roads, as far as possible. Route will be marked and marshals placed at key points. Finishing right next to the beach provides a wonderful atmosphere and highlights the many contrasts the event has to offer, from riding through the Namibian Khomas Hochland escarpment, down through the Namib Naukluft park, ending on the beach.

Last stage will again be in time trail format (56km), which will see all the riders finishing in close proximity to each other. Prize giving will commence at 11am, under the tent at the finish point.

Snack vendors will be at the finish point and "refreshments" will be on hand.

Event Bags: The event bags which will be provided to you at registration are approx. 900cm x 500cm with an additional "wet storage" area below the bag. These bags have proven to be sufficiently big in previous years, however if you are prone to pack the the kitchen sink, then we would suggest you place your bedding in a separate bag which you will need to ATTACH to your event bag (Not a plastic Bag). This will ensure that your bag and bedding arrive at the same tent.

Kit List: We have been requested by some to give an indication of a kit list, this is rather a personal choice thing, however the following items would be seen to be key:

GPS (GPX tracks will be sent to you, also you can download at registration)
Personal medication
Essential / /specific bike spares
Puncture repairs equip / bombs
Warm items for evening
Cash (bar / tech support etc)
Sock Gaiters (if you have a light weight gaiter to prevent grass seeds into shoes then this would be rather convenient, the grass is long in some places)

Medical: Event paramedics will be with us all the way, so if you want critical medication items left with them, this can be arranged at registration. They will also have comprehensive medical items with them to treat almost any eventuality...Percy the chief medic is also a good listener / comforter if the rigors of the wilds become to much:-)

Physio Details: The following ladies will be on hand after each days ride to provide for some comfort to sore muscles:

Brigitta Augustyn
Ellen Hoffman
Erika Brand
Janine Snyman

They will be available at event registration on the 21st, to take your bookings for the week. A cost of N$ 250.00 will be charged for a 30 minute treatment. This will naturally be done on a first come first serve basis.

Bike Tech Support: Refer below info from Mannie:

Cymot & Mannies Bike Mecca
Mannie Heymans
+264 81 1240320

Mannies Bike Mecca / CYMOT Namib Quest package 2016
Pre-Booking is essential to ensure we have the correct parts, equipment and most importantly ice cold beer ready for you, our esteemed customer.


It is with great excitement, that we can once again announce that Mannie’s Bike Mecca and Cymot will be supporting you on your quest to conquer the Quest! Keep in mind that we are about to face some of the most rugged terrain that is unforgiving on your treads, so make sure you are fitted with some good quality Tubeless tyres that are topped up with sealant to nip any technical in the bud!

For those of you with bespoke or custom rides that are just not quite standard, please make sure you have backup of your critical parts as we will be carrying standard Sram and Shimano spares only.

The Options:

  • 1.Executive Service (spares at less 15%)N$2800 per rider
  • Pre Quest full Service incl. new cables, housing, sealant
  • PLUS basic wash & lube package every day
  • PLUS post quest bike service in Windhoek

  • 2.Basic wash & lube package N$2000 per rider
  • Wash bike, set gears and brakes plus lube after each stage
  • Ready for next day
  • All other labour additional headset/bb/wheels/tubeless
  • Spares at standard shop prices.

  • 3.Day charge N$500 per bike
  • If wash, lube and check-up is required

Cut-off for pre bookings is Monday the 16th of May.Pre Payments only

Account Name:Mannies Bike Mecca
Account No.:62243073616
Branch Code:280172
Reference:quest2016 & your surname

NB: As water is a scarce commodity, we cannot provide water to each rider to clean their bikes, this will only be available from the Bike Tech service providers.

Shuttle service: A shuttle service from Swakopmund to Windhoek will be departing the event finish point at 1pm (Namibia time). Shuttle will return to the event starting point at the Windhoek Country Club & Resort, from which there will be a further option to the airport. Cost will again be determined by the number of people making use of this service. Should there be sufficient numbers for a Saturday morning shuttle, then this will depart from the Alte Brucke Resort (Around the corner from event finish), at 9am on Saturday the 28th.

Please confirm, per email, your intention of making use of the shuttle service to: tinus@aep.com.na . Provide detail of which shuttle option you would prefer, also if you wish to take the shuttle to Windhoek International airport?

NB: In the past special bike trailers have proven to be ineffective, due to qty of bikes and different couplings suited to different bikes, therefore please ensure you have either a bike bag or some protective material to ensure your bike does not get damaged on the trailer (we will transport this for you to the end..)

In the next update, detail will be provided regarding the daily food menu, bar prices. A cash bar will be available in each village, providing for beer, wine, soft drinks and limited range of hard tack. Other items will include:

Water points
Water allocation

Best of luck for your last preparations, now not a good time to pick up a injury!!

Till next update, all the best.

AEP Team
Tinus Hansen
Basil Smit

African Extreme Promotions CC

Mobile: +264 81 1288 481
E-mail: tinus@aep.org.na
Web: www.africanextremepromotions.com

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