2016 Windhoek Light Namib Quest - Event Update No.1

Dear Quest Riders,

First of all Basil and I would like to welcome you all to the 2016 event and thank you for your participation. We will endeavor to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

1. Event start & accommodation

2. Medical insurance

3. Shuttle Service

1. Event start & accommodation

Registration and event start, will take place from the Windhoek Country Club and Resort, at the golf club lapa area. Registration will take place on Saturday afternoon (21st May) starting at 12:00 through to 16:00.

Event start will take place on Sunday morning (22nd) @ 07:00 morning. Further detail available on "event info".

Suggested accommodation in Windhoek:

Windhoek Country - http://www.legacyhotels.co.za/en/hotels/windhoek
Arebbush Resort - http://www.arebbusch.com/

These two options are located within close proximity of race start and offers a wide price range.
Suggested accommodation in Swakopmund:

Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Center - http://www.legacyhotels.co.za/en/hotels/swakopmund
Alte Brucke Resort - www.altebrucke.com

Alte Brucke resort (chalets & camping options), located in short walking distance from the event end point.
Should you require any further assistance with accommodation requirements then please contact us directly.

Parking will be available in the parking area of the Windhoek Country Club, which has 24hr security. This would be the most convenient area to store your vehicles during the course of the week.

2. Medical Insurance:

Advanced life support paramedic backup is available throughout the event. In the instance that a rider requires hospitalization, the event support services will take the patient to the nearest place of treatment (hospital), once admitted to the place of treatment the individuals medical aid will take over responsibility. In the instance that an air extraction is required, this will again form part of the individuals personal medical aid cover. Please take care to discuss this with your medical service provider.

3. Shuttle Service:

A shuttle service will be available from Swakopmund back to Windhoek follows:

Friday (27th) @ 14:00 - Departing from event end point
Saturday (28th) @ 09:00 - Departing from Alte Brucke Resort

Both shuttles will disembark at the Windhoek Country Club & Resort. A airport transfer option will be available from there.

NB: Please confirm, per e-mail, should you wish to make use of this service - Including that of the airport shuttle. Costs to be determined by the number of people making use of this service

Future updates will include the following -

Registration details
Equipment lists
Baggage allocation
Daily schedule
Route verification

All the best for your preparations – RIDE SAFE!!

From the AEP Team



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