2015 Windhoek Light Namib Quest Update No.2

Greetings Quest riders,


Exactly 1 month to go to “Kick Off’!!

Thank you for all the correspondence, questions and enthusiasm! It would appear we have a wonderful group this year, providing lots of opportunity to network around the camp fires, form new lasting friendships etc. Typical when quality riding time is spent in remote unspoiled wilderness areas, away from the everyday hassle. Total field will be close to a 100 riders this year!!

Please take note of the following information:

Post Event Function: Finish point will be different to last year, this time around the open grassy knoll next to the Aquarium will be the final destination! We believe this will enhance the atmosphere being right next to the beach! We will provide further information pertaining to the end function with the next update. Suffice to say, due to the time trail (56km) being on the last day, all riders will finish quite early and together. Our formal proceedings will therefore conclude around mid day, which provides for the afternoon to spend last few hours together.

Event Bags: The event bags which will be provided to you at registration are approx. 900cm x 500cm with an additional "wet storage" area below the bag. These bags have proven to be sufficiently big in previous years, however if you are prone to pack the the kitchen sink, then I would suggest you place your bedding in a separate bag which you will need to ATTACH to your event bag (Not a plastic Bag). This will ensure that your bag and bedding arrive at the same tent.

Kit List: We have been requested by some to give an indication of a kit list, this is rather a personal choice thing, however the following items would be seen to be key:

GPS (GPX tracks will be sent to you, also you can download at registration)
Personal medication
Essential / /specific bike spares
Punture repairs equip / bombs
Warm items for evening
Cash (bar / tech support etc)
Sock Gaiters (if you have a light weight gaiter to prevent grass seeds into shoes then this would be rather convenient, the grass is long in some places)

Event paramedics will be with us all the way, so if you want critical medication items left with them, that we can arrange at registration. They will also have comprehensive medical items with them to treat almost any eventuality...Percy the chief medic is also a good listener / comforter if the rigors of the wilds become to much:-)

Physio Details: The following ladies will be on hand after each days ride to provide for some comfort to sore muscles:

Kerstin Graf
Brigitta Augustyn
Lynn-Mari Lochner

They will be available at event registration to take your bookings for the week. This will naturally be done on a first come first serve basis. Details around costs will be made available in next update.

Bike Tech Support: Tech support will be curtesy via:

Mannie’s Bike Mecca - mannie@mr-african.com
Das Bike Shop - das@dasbikeshop.com

You will need to contact your preferred supplier before hand and book service packages as per your needs!

NB: As water is a scarce commodity, we cannot provide water to each rider to clean their bikes, this will only be available from the Bike Tech service providers.

Shuttle service: Following persons have booked with the shuttle from Swakop to Windhoek, should your name not appear and you require this service, please email to tinus@aep.org.na :

Saturday 30th May (9:00am) -

John Fitzgerald
William Alcock
Rory mc Farlane
Emil Burger
L van Zyl Swanepoel
Seamus O’Neil
Sandy Kelly
Iris Halldorsdottir
Martin Roberts
Gail Green
Malcolm G Green

NB: In the past special bike trailers have proven to be ineffective, due to qty of bikes and different couplings suited to different bikes, therefore please ensure you have either a bike bag or some protective material to ensure your bike does not get damaged on the trailer (we will transport this for you to the end..)

In the next update, detail will be provided regarding the daily food menu, bar prices. A cash bar will be available in each village, providing for beer, wine, soft drinks and limited range of hard tack. Other items will include:

Water points
Water allocation

Best of luck for your last preparations, now not a good time to pick up a injury!!

Till next comms, all the best.

AEP Team
Tinus Hansen
Basil Smit

African Extreme Promotions CC

Mobile: +264 81 1288 481
E-mail: tinus@aep.org.na
Web: www.africanextremepromotions.com

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